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Choosing The Best Vaporizer For Weed

By   07/04/2017

Vaping technology is continually advancing at a real fast pace. While most vapers are spoilt for choice when flavor or cloud chasing, the coil build that facilitates combustion has been continually developed to ensure premium vapor and flavor quality. Therefore, when buying a vaporizer for weed or upgrading to newer models and one has to choose from a vast and wide variety of vaporizers, it is advisable to consider the following best qualities.


Build quality

pen vapeThe elegance and attractive look of the vaporizer makes it more prestigious especially when used publicly becoming a fashion or wealth statement. The best vaporizer tanks and chambers are made of stainless steel or high-grade glass that gives the vaporizer a polished appearance. Interestingly, the vaporizer build makes it possible to contain the heat emitted to ensure uniform burning off the weed. In addition, the metallic and hard glass make makes it very durable.

Heating technology

The upgraded heating in weed vaporizer comes either in single or dual coils which ensure that the vaporizer chamber is heated uniformly. Moreover, this ensures that no excessive heat is emitted which may compromise the quality of the vaporizer. The use of metallic or ceramic coils makes it possible to regulate the heat produced while at the same time guaranteeing the longevity of the batteries.

Chamber size

This is a major consideration when choosing a vaporizer. This is because the size of the chamber or tank dictates the volume of the weed contained. This will ensure that the user does not necessarily have to make frequent refills which may be unpleasant. Additionally, the chamber size ensures that the weed is evenly combusted to provide quality vapor flavors.


The convenience created by portable weed vaporizers is very desirable and a major consideration when choosing a vaporizer. This is because its usage is also maximized which gives the user value for their money as well as satisfies their need for the weed vaporizer.


Various weed vaporizers come at sizes and make with the price being differentiated by these features. Amazingly, most prices are a reflection of the quality of the vaporizer. Moreover, with the variety to choose from customers have the chance to make the best buy according to their budget. However, care should be taken to avoid hybrid vaporizers that are made of plastic.

Cleaning ease

cigWhen using weed, the vaporizer may frequently accumulate residue making it necessary to clean it often. Therefore, when searching for a vaporizer, it is best to identify the chamber size and width ensuring that it is always clean such that the vapor flavor is not compromised.