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Finding The Right SUP Board – A Small But Useful Guide

By   13/11/2017


Once considered just as a simple pastime activity, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has become a worldwide phenomenon. What was once a simple hobby of a chosen few, is now an official sport. While officially this sport is said to have originated from the islands of Hawaii, many sources claim it was first introduced in the region of Polynesia. But, regardless of where it originated from, its recent development and surge in popularity have motivated surfers and athletes all across the world.

Easy to learn, difficult to master

paddlingOne of the biggest reasons why SUP has become so popular lies in the fact that it has very few requirements. In fact, it only has two of them, an appropriate body of water and a SUP board with a single-ended paddle. With this paddle, the surfer tries to propel themselves while standing on the board. It is as simple as that.

Finding a board

To fully take advantage of this exciting new sport, you should take some of your time and do a bit of research to purchase the right SUP board. Given the sheer number of various models, materials, and shapes on the market, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed and unable to make the right choice. Therefore, before you make your purchase, you should take note of the appropriate size, length, material, design, and shape that suit your preferences and purpose. Your choice will also depend on how you plan to use your board. While the majority of people use them for sports activities and workout, some use them for fishing or some other water-based activities.

Key factors

When looking for the right board, make sure to find one that is compatible with your height and weight. Also, it should also be a perfect match for your skill range and individual goals. Also, your choice will also depend on the body water you plan to use your SUP board on.

If you plan to surf on calm waters, such as lakes, calm rivers. Or a calm ocean, you should go with a flat-water, recreational SUP board. These are the most common choice for those who mostly prefer to use their boards for workout exercises or fishing. The majority of surfers who prefer to surf in calm, flat water conditions, usually go for the SUPs that are longer and wider, Those looking for some extra stability, mostly opt for the boards that feature a higher volume of materials. If you are a novice, looking for their first paddleboard, you should probably go with a longer and wider paddleboard, with a higher volume, such as the Isle Soft top paddle board, due to the increased level of stability and control.

Wave surfing

man paddlingIf you are more interested in engaging in wave surfing, your best option would be one of the high-performance boards. These boards are usually 10 feet long and fairly light, so as to provide enhanced agility and control. If you have the necessary experience and skills, you can easily maneuver and brave fast rivers or wild seas with this board.


Lastly, if you plan on competing and racing with other surfers, the best, and pretty much the only option is race or hybrid SUP boards. These boards are much lighter and shorter than standard board types. They are also built with special materials, so as to provide a maximum level of responsiveness and speed. Last, but not least, these boards can be easily customized and upgraded to provide a performance boost.