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A Review of the Nerve Renew

By   24/03/2017

Are you suffering from peripheral neuropathy? Do your limbs go numb/ tingle or hurt you so much that it is disrupting your normal life? Are you fed up of going through intense pain and that tingling sensation in your hands? The solution to your problem is to try the Nerve Renew. This is one of the best treatment for neuropathy.

What is a Nerve Renew?foot Nerve

Nerve renew a nutritional supplement that is aimed at improving symptoms related to neuropathy as well as numbness and tingling of the feet plus pain on the limbs. It was formerly called Neuropathy Support Formula. The formula combats medical conditions which are brought about by damage to the motor nerves, sensory nerves or autonomic nerves.


Compared to other supplements that are used for nerve treatment, Nerve Renew is packed with herbal supplements that have been proved to work with little side effects. You will find vitamins, natural antioxidants and a host of other ingredients that work magic. To be precise, this is what you will find: Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, R-alpha Lipoic acid and a proprietary blend of oat straw extract, skullcap extract, passionflower extract and feverfew extract.

How it works

This is how Nerve Renew works:

  • The vitamin B1 it contains is a clinically proven nerve-regenerator. It helps turn down the effects of neuropathy by crowding out all channels that cause nerve damage in the first place.
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B6 also slow down nerve damage.
  • Vitamin D3 is an excellent blood circulation booster which is useful in the maintenance of nerve receptors.

It is a well-known fact that neuropathy is brought about a shortage of some nourishment. As a dietary supplement, Nerve Renew preserves the damage of the nerves by promoting regeneration of nerve receptors. It (the supplement) also develops vascular supply at first to the brain then to other parts which are affected. In the long-run, Nerve Renew improves the quality of sleep, helps reduce stress and minimizes the effects of neuropathy. Verdict: it works.

Complaints and side effectsnerve pain

Nerve Renew has been keen on spreading the word about the effectiveness of their supplement and the fact that it has no side effects. Surprisingly, even though the recommended daily dosage is high, the supplement has no major side effects.

Excessive high doses can lead to increase is urine and diarrhea. In addition to this, the extracts can cause dizziness, altered consciousness, and even confusion. This is very rare.