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Top Hair Removal Options

By   30/07/2017

As much as some people find body hair attractive, there are a significant other that do not like having hairy bodies. Modern fashion trends suggest that having your body clean shaven is one the best way to look good. However, shaving body hair can turn into an incredibly annoying chore, especially if you are of those people with hairy bodies.

Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal presents a solution to all of your problems. It is one of the best hair removal methods. It is very close to a permanent solution too – although hair removed with a laser will eventually grow back, it will be an extremely slow process, and the hair will not be as thick as well.

That is because laser hair removal does not just get rid of the hair itself like all other hair removal procedures do. It burns the follicles. These are the roots of your hair pieces. This explains why your hair does not grow back after destroying those.

The Dark side of laser hair removal

As great as laser hair removal is, it also has a dark side. First, it is a very slow procedure. This is because the laser beam has to burn every single hair individually. And while you may not notice the laser doing its job at first, after an hour or two of laying there, that burning sensation will start to get uncomfortable, and you may need a break. The other downside is the price. Laser hair removal can be quite costly, and you will need to make sure you can afford it before you get started.

Hair Depilation

Depilation is an alternative to shaving and laser hair removal methods. It is an efficient, fast and cheaper alternative of removing body hairs. After you are done depilating your hair, you will also need at least one full day for your skin to recover and stop burning. It does last significantly longer, though.

 depilation treatmentsAfter the laser depilation treatments your body hair you can expect the effects to last for several weeks before the hair starting to grow back. But then you will have to endure some pain and discomfort during the exercise – it is not that painful, though. Overall, it is a safe hair removal method.

Nowadays it is pretty easy to get a discount from the various salons and SPAs that offer hair removal services. Your body will thank you too, with the skin being able to breathe easily.