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What Can You Cook in a Pressure Cooker?

By   18/04/2020


The truth is that spending a lot of time in the kitchen to cook lentils and meat is a tedious task. That is because you spend hours waiting for your food to cook thoroughly. Fortunately, there are powerful appliances that can help cook your dishes within minutes. In this case, the appliance is the pressure cooker. You should note that the pressure cooker is designed to make the cooking process an easy one. It is widely used to cook stews, meat, cakes, and other dishes.

A pressure cooker works by generating steam pressure inside the pot. In this case, the water you use for cooking is converted into steam that raises the pressure cooker temperature. Thus, the steam gets into food and makes it tender. When you increase the temperature, the cooking time is short, and you can have your dish ready within minutes. You can learn more at https://www.corriecooks.com/instant-pot-stuffed-shells/. The following are some of the foods you can cook in the pressure cooker.

Meat and Chicken

Meat foods such as lamb and beef stew require a lot of time to cook in the kitchen. It is advisable to wash your meats and marinate. Put them into the pressure cooker with the recommended amount of oil and water if necessary. The other way is to tender meat at low temperatures and then fry them afterward.


It is not a must to have an oven to make cheesecake. Rather, you can use the pressure cooker. You can place it in the cooker with sponge material. Set the time and get it out when time is up and then top it up with chocolate or cream on top.


Cooking grains and rice in a pressure cooker needs some preparation beforehand. It is not a must you soak rice as you can cook it in a given amount of water. Ensure you always wash them first. Some grains ought to be soaked in water for about 4 hours.

Beans and Lentils

pressure cookerEnsure chickpeas and beans in water for about six hours; otherwise, they may not become tender. Drain them and place inside a pressure cooker with adequate water and spices. You should note that there are different timings for the lentils. Red beans take require about one hour.


Ensure you wash your vegetables thoroughly. Place them in a steamer basket in your pressure cooker. Add some water and leave them to steam.