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Puppy Pointer’s Guide to Feeding a Sick Dog

By   13/02/2019

Dogs in general love to eat so much and often. However, their constant appetite can get lost when they are sick. Change in the dog’s feeding habits is a sign that your dog is not alright. And one of the most challenging things is feeding a dog that is unwell. When you notice that your dog has either decreased its appetite, has an upset stomach, or its vomiting make sure you monitor the type of food it consumes. As mentioned above, some dogs are hard to feed them when they are sick. That is why you need to seek information on how to feed a sick dog. In essence, food may not be a cure, but a balanced diet can do miracles. There are quite some things that you can to encourage the dog to eat. Below is a comprehensive Puppy Pointer’s guide to feeding a sick dog – Ann Collin’s wrote an in-depth guide through her site. Use it to improve the health state of your lovely dog.


Goat’s Milk

Goat’s milk is undeniably among the best food you can feed you sickly dog. Many dogs are in fact lactose intolerant. That means they may not be able to stand the cow’s milk. If your dog does not like cow milk, you can substitute with goat’s milk. Goats feed on serval types of herbs, and that makes their products very nutritious and healthy. You can buy powdered goat milk or even fresh. Processed goat milk contains probiotic bacteria and other vital digestive enzymes which are essentially great for dogs under medication.


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Chicken and Rice

The second best food to feed your sick dog is chicken and rice for the dogs. Chicken and rice are essentially the main ingredients in most dog foods. When your dog is sick, you are needed to buy boneless and skinless chicken and nutritious brown rice. Brown rice is nutritious and perfect for upset stomachs of dogs.


Using a Syringe

If your dog has lost appetite and it is not able to feed on itself, you need to feed it with liquids using a syringe. When a dog is sick and has lost appetite, it is close to impossible to feed it. Leaving to starve at this time can worsen the situation. Therefore, you should look for an alternative way of feeding your dog. One of the ideal ways of feeding a dog that has lost appetite is feeding it with nutritious liquid through a syringe. Just fill the syringe with warm water or even broth and slowly force it down the dog’s throat. You can do the same to goat milk also. However, you must be very careful not to force the liquids to the lungs.



You should allow your dog to eat grass. The grass is one of the prime instinctual remedies that dogs go for when they are sick. Grass makes the dog to vomit, and vomiting can be a good sign. Animals have instincts that help them to survive without any form of supervision. When your dog wants to eat grass allow them to do so. They may want to eat the grass to vomit and feel well. If there is no grass in your neighborhood, you can get outside and bring it into the house.