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Drug Abuse Treatment Approaches

By   21/01/2017

Drug abuse treatment can occur in many forms and can take very different lengths of time depending on the person that is being treated for this. It is an incredibly tedious process that requires the cooperation of the individual as well as commitment to achieve this step that they have decided to take in their lives. There are a few approaches that can help a person who has been addicted to achieving sobriety, and these are what specialists use to ensure that this individual does recover.

It is important that these methods are followed, and the fact that one works for this patient might not mean that it will work for the other. Therefore, below are the approaches that can be used in drug abuse treatment.

Behavioral Therapy

depressedThis is one of the most widely used methods, and it is best suited for a lot of patients. As it is evidence based, it is one that a lot of specialists will use in making sure that the patient is well on his way to sobriety. One of the methods in this is contingency management as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy. The methods that are in this approach have been significantly advanced by various respected doctors that have passed through this field over the years leading to them being better.

Medication for Drug Abuse

This is also another approach to treating drug addiction that is one of the best that doctors can use. This is because the medication will help sustain the individual and keep him under control as the symptoms of withdrawal from the drug can take a toll on him. This will, therefore, mean that the medication will work a lot better on him.

The various types of medication that are these include buprenorphine, methadone, naltrexone, and so many other forms of medication that are available depending on the kind of drug that one was addicted to.

Combination of the two above

pillsThere are some cases which require that both of the approaches above go hand in hand to ensure that the patient does get better. Some patients can’t get rid of this drug off their system by just one approach, and this might force the doctors to try both the approaches on them to see the response. This has been effective in many cases, and it is still used for a lot of patients and especially those with severe problems. These are the three methods that are used in drug abuse treatment.

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The Role Of A Detox Center In Achieving A Rapid Recovery From Addiction

By   30/08/2016

There are many people all over the world who are suffering from drugs and alcohol addiction. They became so dependent on these substances that they keep on craving for more everyday. Drugs and alcohol have become their means of coping up with a lot of things in their lives like family problems, anxiety, and even peer pressure. It is very disturbing to think that a huge number of people have never made their way out of this kind of lifestyle. They chose to stay as addicts for the rest of their lives. There are some, though, who came to realize that they deserve better than the life that they have been living, and so, they took the courage to overcome addiction with the help of professionals to achieve rapid recovery.


drugSome people may think that they can get rid of the habit on their own, but this is not always the case. This endeavor is hard and challenging as drugs and alcohol have been part of their lives for quite some time. This is why rehabilitation is highly recommended. The first and probably the most crucial step in this process is detoxification. It involves the body to be cleansed by eliminating the toxins that were caused by the excessive use of addictive substances. An individual who undergoes this method may experience sweating and cramping. He or she may even have constipation. In severe cases, delirium is most likely to occur because of the unexpected or sudden withdrawal.

Detox Center

Understanding the importance of recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction as well as the vulnerability of the individuals who are suffering from this condition, there are many detox centers who are offering their assistance. They have experienced professionals that will help make a big difference in the withdrawal and recovery process. Their main goal is to get rid of the remnants of alcohol and drugs in the body. They are also focusing on the patients’ behavior by guiding them to have a positive outlook and to start living a better and healthy lifestyle. In severe cases, they are implementing strict medical treatment. Detox centers require their patients to undergo several stages depending on their circumstances to ensure rapid recovery and to achieve results that will last.

Haven House Addiction Treatment

fgsasghs5Haven House is a detox center that is located in Los Angeles, California. They are committed to reaching out to those people who have been struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction and the different mental disorders that arise from such condition. All their patients are treated with utmost care and respect. They are given special attention and provided with treatment that will significantly contribute to the attainment of permanent and positive changes in their lives.